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Security Notes

Security Notes are an archive of past short security-related articles written by current and former True analysts and colleagues prior to the introduction of the True Insight blog.

Email Insecurity
Finding Your Digital Security Swing
Protecting Your Digital Assets: A Discussion on the Need for a Data Security and Data Loss Prevention Strategy
Security really isn’t Sexy… When It’s Done Correctly
Protecting the Enterprise: On Appropriate Limitations of Employee Web Browsing Activities
Threat Sources-Hard Questions about Focusing Your Network Protection
I Make Mistakes
Cubicle Fruit
What gets through your firewall?
Web Application Security
Dancing the “One Step”
3 Ps of Information Security: Perimeter, People and Policies
3 Ps of Information Security: Perimeter
3 Ps of Information Security: People
3 Ps of Information Security: Policies-A Blueprint for Success
Cancel or Allow?
Don’t Lose Your ‘E’dentity

Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris is President and CFO of True Digital Security. Jeff received his MBA from The Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX and his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK, where his studies focused on corporate finance and economics. Mr. Harris has extensive executive sales and management experience in the field of business software solutions and services.

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