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On Centralized Logging and SIEM

September 23rd, 2011 | Posted by Brett Edgar in Logs | Monitoring | SIEM - (0 Comments)

The results of the investigation into the recent DigiNotar SSL CA breach reads like a laundry list of “Things Not To Do™” on your critical servers and networks: no antivirus, no centralized logging, and outdated/vulnerable software exposed to the Internet, among other items.  What’s funny about the above list is that if the breached systems …
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With the current US economy downturn, cyber crime is increasing at an alarming rate. Let’s face it – data loss can quickly become a public relations nightmare for any business. Solid Core conducted a survey [] of 201 IT and compliance professionals and found that more than half of the respondents admitted their organization either …
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Walt Conway has some interesting commentary [] on the recently released Verizon data breach report []. All the valuable PCI compliance insight aside, I found the statistics on the prevalence and value of targeted attacks to be especially interesting.  We are frequently engaged to perform social engineering exercises for our clients, primarily to help them …
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