Energy & Utilities

Information Security for Energy and UtilitiesEnergy and utilities providers face persistent cyber threats from terrorists, agents of industrial espionage, and malicious insiders, as well as inadvertent compromises due to user error. Having the right security controls in place can greatly reduce the risk of a successful cyber attack.

True has worked with multiple service providers across the country, performing risk assessments and providing security-related consulting services. Our consultants have experience working with a variety of SCADA software packages and numerous hardware systems, and we have helped numerous electric cooperatives improve power grid security and adhere to NERC CIP regulatory requirements to safeguard electrical systems.

To learn about our alternative to performing penetration testing of SCADA environments in order to help mitigate smart grid risks, see True’s article Securing SCADA Networks, recently published in the ISSA Journal.

True offers the following Information Security Services to help energy and utilities providers meet compliance needs and ensure the necessary safeguards are in place to help prevent successful cyber security attacks.