Retail and Service Providers

Information Security Services for RetailersWith security breach incidents like TJ Maxx, information security is top of mind for all retailers and service providers handling payment card information and other sensitive customer data needed to maintain customer loyalty programs and support other business objectives. Credit card breaches can be costly – in terms of both financial and reputational risk – which could ultimately cost you your business.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) compliance is the major information security driver among retailers and service providers. What makes PCI so complex is that it impacts each organization differently. The real value True brings to its clients is determining and explaining exactly how the PCI DSS applies to your specific organization. Often companies make assumptions about how to achieve compliance and spend more time and money than necessary and still fail to meet the intent of the standard.

Professionals at True can help guide you through all necessary steps to achieve and maintain the level of PCI compliance your particular business requires, most affordably and efficiently. Furthermore, as a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) Company and Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), True has the required credentials to serve your PCI needs.

True provides the following services to help you achieve and maintain the proper level of PCI compliance based on your transaction level, while helping you instill a strategic and proactive approach to security within your organization.