Application Security Assessment

Application Security AssessmentTrue’s Application Security Assessment includes targeted source code review, but it doesn’t stop there. Empower your developers to improve security from code creation to launch.

IT departments are often challenged with tight deadlines for application releases, leaving less time to ensure applications are designed with the proper security built-in. Without proper oversight, these applications can expose businesses to serious security risk. True Application Security Assessments are necessary to keep sensitive data protected from exposure due to code design and reduce the likelihood that hackers can successfully access this data, damage the application or cause downtime. Our assessments also satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements.

True’s Application Security Assessment includes targeted source code review. Our experts focus on secure coding deficiencies, secure software development lifecycle (SDLC) integration, and secure deployment configuration – all of which are necessary to empower you to improve security by design within future releases and new applications.

Let True assess your internal and external applications, whether web, client-side or enterprise, to identify the vulnerabilities that put your company at risk. Contact True to learn more.