PCI ASV Scanning Services

PCI ASV ScanningIn order to pass a PCI DSS onsite annual assessment, merchants and service providers are required to successfully complete quarterly external network scans. As a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), True can help. We can scan the active IPs on your network to identify known vulnerabilities, clearly interpret and explain the results, and advise you to take the necessary steps for remediation, getting you on track to reach your compliance objectives.

With True’s External ASV Scanning Service, merchants receive up to four rounds of ASV scans annually. Each round includes as many remediation scans as needed to achieve a passing ASV compliance report within a seventy-five (75) day window. We supply an official ASV Scanning Report each quarter, providing evidence that your scans were completed in compliance with PCI. Managed Scanning is also available for organizations that wish to perform additional scanning upon request with raw technical scan results provided.

True offers a complete portfolio of services to help you meet your PCI DSS objectives from PCI Guidance and Planning and Audits and Remediation Services to Security Program Development that incorporates PCI DSS and other audit and regulatory standards and best practices into your overarching security strategy. Our assessments help satisfy your compliance and audit requirements, while opening your eyes to existing security weaknesses that should be addressed to achieve an optimal security posture.

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