Incident Response

Information Security Breach Incident ResponseIncident Response Challenges

  • Security breach events are stressful and overwhelming for businesses, unsure of which steps to take next.
  • Breach disclosure laws and regulatory mandates demand breach notification procedures, risk assessments, and evidence that steps are being taken to address security weaknesses.
  • Failure to comply with regulatory requirements can subject your business to greater fines and litigation.
True Incident Response Solutions

Experts at True are readily available to assist businesses that experience a data compromise or fear that a breach may have taken place.  We have the expertise to provide investigative services that address your business needs.

  • Forensics Consulting – If you fear a breach may have taken place, True can investigate to provide confirmation and determine your extent of exposure.
  • Incident Response – If a breach is confirmed True can guide you as you respond to third parties in compliance with notification requirements for your industry.
  • Data Acquisition – True can copy your hard drives and perform investigative analysis, while preserving the chain of custody.
  • Employee Separation/Expert Witness – True can investigate for evidence of violation of computer acceptable use policies related to employee separation cases, with expert testimony available.