Managed IDS Services

Managed IDSBusinesses that are serious about security rely on True’s cutting-edge Managed Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Service to guard against network threats.

Installing AND managing Intrusion Detection Systems are a necessity to protect networks from potential attacks. Undetected security incidents can compromise sensitive information and interrupt your business, resulting in costly downtime. While IDS solutions continuously monitor network traffic for malicious behavior, if left unmanaged, they simply provide no value.

Many companies install monitoring devices, but lack time and expertise to successfully manage them. Mountains of data that may indicate your company is at risk goes ignored.

Rather than hiring additional staff to manage your monitoring device, True can do the work for you – more efficiently, affordably and with greater skill. Businesses of all sizes rely on True’s cutting-edge Managed Intrusion Detection Service to guard against network threats. Developed by leading cyber security professionals, our solution leverages commercial grade tools and proprietary technology with unmatched expertise to help protect your network from an attack.

In addition to continuous monitoring, you will receive a monthly summary report that includes alerts, threats and incidents, with a clear analysis and explanation of any implications and subsequent recommendations. Our experts don’t simply look at individual events to perform our analysis; we look at the network segment holistically to provide the most meaningful, targeted information for your business.

Let True professionals work with you to design a comprehensive Managed IDS Service strategy. We will continuously monitor and analyze your network traffic 24x7x365, detecting threats and intrusions. In the event suspicious network activity is identified that requires immediate attention, rest assured True will notify you right away to take immediate action. Contact True to learn more.