Network Vulnerability Assessment

Network Vulnerability AssessmentTrue understands you want to do more than just identify security weaknesses within your network. You want to eliminate them.

New exploits are released daily, and the task of mitigating risk to the devices on your network can be daunting and resource-intensive for IT. True can help. We combine traditional scanning with expert analysis and recommended remediation to identify and eliminate adversarial entry points and give you peace of mind.

True experts can perform internal or external vulnerability assessments, depending on your specific needs. External vulnerability scans are performed to detect security flaws at the perimeter of your network, while internal scans are performed to view and scan network assets from behind the corporate perimeter firewall using the IP addresses for servers, file sharing systems, work stations, PCs, etc. Our experts analyze the resulting scan data to identify and assess your vulnerabilities.

True Vulnerability Assessments help satisfy compliance and audit requirements, while opening your eyes to existing security weaknesses. Our analysts organize your vulnerabilities by class and assign a prioritized risk rating so that after the assessment is complete, you have clear direction which security vulnerabilities should be addressed first to achieve an optimal security posture.

Achieve assurance through insight with True.

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