Penetration Testing

Penetration TestingPenetration testing is an all-encompassing security evaluation that measures how well your security posture and controls stand up to malicious internal and external threats.  True’s Penetration Testing Services are critical to mitigating risks of an attack on your network or applications.  Such attacks can result in business and service disruption and loss of revenue, which can be costly to your reputation and bottom line.

Choosing to perform a penetration test enables you to be sure your existing security controls are working optimally under “real world” conditions.  Furthermore, True’s penetration testing can satisfy your regulatory requirements and other audit standards that require annual testing for compliance purposes.

What sets us apart?  For many, a penetration test is not much more than a “one-size-fits-all” vulnerability scan packaged with a basic findings and recommendations report.  At True, we take the extra time to dive into the details of your security program.  We then customize our testing to produce the best overall evaluation to test the strength of your security controls.   Results, including detailed remediation strategies, are prioritized and communicated clearly within a professional, custom report.  The result: you are equipped to be proactive with enhancing your security instead of reactive.

Let True help you uncover weaknesses before an actual attacker finds them.  We will put your security controls under fire so you can see how well they would hold up under a real attack.