Social Engineering Assessment

Social Engineering AssessmentSocial Engineering Assessments are a useful method of testing the effectiveness of your existing security policies and security awareness program as well as demonstrate and communicate the importance of information security awareness throughout your organization.

During True’s Social Engineering Assessment, our consultants will design a series of real-world attacks to test your employees’ knowledge about topics such as phishing, the dissemination of confidential information in regard to existing policies, physical security access points, etc. We will attempt to obtain access to confidential or sensitive business information using a variety of techniques a malicious outsider might use to gain unauthorized access, helping you uncover weaknesses that make you vulnerable to a successful social engineering attack.

True’s Social Engineering Assessments can help you mitigate the risks of one of the most underestimated attack vectors on your network and systems. These attacks can result in business and service disruption, loss of revenue, and damage, which can be costly to your reputation and bottom line. Our assessments are integral to instilling a risk-conscious culture among your organization.

Read True’s blog article, An Experiment in Social Engineering, to learn about the types of activities True may perform during your next Social Engineering Assessment. Contact True to learn more.