Threat Modeling/Architecture Review

Threat ModelingIdentifying and understanding the security risks associated with a system are critical to ensuring you have the right security controls in place. Without this understanding, businesses can waste time, money and resources on controls and technologies that do not adequately address their system-related risk mitigation needs.

Threat modeling is key to producing a secure system because threats provide the justification for security features at both the architecture and implementation levels. True will use our extensive industry expertise to provide you with a fresh perspective on your system security. We will help you understand the significance of your security weaknesses and vulnerabilities from an adversarial point of view based on the system’s assets of interest, allowing you to confidently prioritize which vulnerabilities to eliminate first.

Furthermore, True will help you increase the auditability of your system, reducing compliance costs and addressing your security and regulatory compliance needs simultaneously. We enable your business to be more proactive, strategic and effective with security measures, ensuring you are focused on implementing the proper safeguards to mitigate system risk most effectively and efficiently.

Let experts at True perform your next Threat Modeling Assessment in order to clearly identify, assess and document your system security risks and establish a plan for incorporating security best practices and moving toward an improved security posture. We help you determine the necessary controls, making it easier to achieve effective security within budget. Contact True to learn more.